Zygmunt Swistak: "It is a memory I will take to my grave"

Der 1924 geborene Zygmunt Swistak ist vermutlich der letzte Überlebende, der in das Konzentrationslager in den Adlerwerken verschleppt wurde. Er lebt in Melbourne, Australien. Nachdem wir ihn über die geplante Gedenkaktion informiert hatten, hat er uns sehr gerührt geantwortet:
Dear Ms Ulla Diekmann and Ms Andrea Rudorff
I am deeply moved emotionally and very touched by the magnitude of this event. To gain so much public interest is tremendous and I thank you for making this happen.   It means a great deal to me that all prisoners are recognised and importantly remembered on this day.  I regret that the 4 fellow survivors that attended with me in Frankfurt some years ago have passed away and are no longer able to see this great achievement.  I thank you and everyone involved for making this possible.  I look forward to receiving the photographs.  It is a memory I will take to my grave. 
With gratitude and kindest regards 
Zygmunt Swistak